• Ford explorer airbag light codes

    Ford explorer airbag light codes

    Discussion in ' How To Section ' started by mahelinskiFeb 3, Log in or Sign up. Ford Expedition Forum. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Feb 3, at PM 1. My Limited Expedition just started having the airbag light come on after about ten minutes of driving.

    The airbag light will flash a two digit code, for this repair the light will flash 4 times then pause then flash 2 times and repeat for three sequences before lighting up solid.

    I did not cut mine open per the link but I'm sure it was gummed up inside. May 28, at AM 2. Good find What a joke. Sensors should last the life of the vehicle now days. May 29, at PM 3. I just thought I'd update this thread I went ahead and changed the sensor on mine and it fixed the issue as well. However mine was a simply diagnosis Apparently the pins corroded and broke free from typically driving vibrations. Anyway the new sensor once connected solved the issue obviously.

    I went ahead and put black RTV silicone around the sensor base just as a added precaution to attempt to prevent water ingression on the sensor. Oct 22, at AM 4. Nov 18, at PM 5. Nov 19, at AM 6. My parts guy at ford literally told me your probably going to need this and handed me the wire section, any half way decent parts guy should be able to look it up.

    Nov 25, at PM 7. Nov 25, at PM 8.Acura vehicles made prior to Airbag codes can be read using a jumper wire. Count the flashes on the airbag dash light. Each code is two digits and is counted by quick flashes and pauses. So a flash, flash, pause, flash equates to a code 21 on the fault code chart. Clear the codes with a jumper wire or by a specific brand scanner. Buick Buick airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an sirbag specific scan tools such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC.

    Cadillac Cadillac airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an sirbag specific scan tools such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC.

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    Chevrolet Chevrolet airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an airbag specific scan tools such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC. Chrysler Chrysler airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an airbag specific scan tool such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC. Chrysler vehicles with Occupant Classification System OCS codes require vehicle specific equipment and procedures to reset. Daewoo Daewoo airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an airbag specific scan tool such as the Launch.

    Dodge Dodge airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an airbag specific scan tool such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC. Ford vehicles made prior to use Flash Codes—the airbag light would flash a 2 digit code repeatedly before remaining lit continuously. The system will clear itself once the fault is corrected. Honda vehicles made prior to Airbag codes can be read using a jumper wire. Hummer Hummer airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an sirbag specific scan tools such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC.

    Infiniti Infiniti vehicles use flash Codes. Airbag codes can be read by counting the flashes on the dash light. The system can be cleared with the door jamb switch on earlier models, with the ignition key on later models, or a scanner on all models.

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    Beginning innew SDM installations require configuration by manufacturer download. Jeep Jeep airbag codes can only be read and system cleared with an airbag specific scan tool such as Maxdiag, Autel, OTC.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media.

    Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced….

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    New posts. Search forums. Finally got rid of air bag code 12!!!! Thread starter Dave14 Start date Jun 23, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Founding Member. Sep 18, 0 0 Calgary, Canada Visit site. After driving around for 2 years with my airbag light flashing I finally decided to try and get rid of it.

    I did a search on this forum and found this link. I then read up on code 12 and found out that it is caused because of low voltage caused by a blown 10a fuse. I went through all the 10amp fuses in the fuse box under the steering wheel and found that the one closest to the driver door was blown. I replaced it with another 10 amp fuse and checked the codes again.

    I then got a Code I used the paper clip method to clear the trouble code using the connector under the glove box. I cleared that trouble code and now there are no codes at all! Hope this helps some of you clear your air bag codes.

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    CManT New Member. Feb 5, 3, 2 0 33 Killeen, Texas. I had to clear my air bag codes after accidentally pulling the fuse for them while the key was on. It's real simple actually, but a lot of guys are afraid to do it. Glad to hear you fixed it, that light is annoying as crap huh? CManT said:.The Explorer has a very well-established record of expensive transmission failure at under k miles. Adding insult to injury, the Explorer also has a massive problem with the rear panel cracking. While it's a minor annoyance compared to transmission failure, ironically the crack usually goes right through the Ford logo.

    Ok Same as the other folks on this issue axcept I have a new twist, The air bag light keeps coming on as well as the door ajar alarm and the dome lights come on and it is very annoying. I purchased this vehilce used in and this problem has just started happening with in the last week or so. The light is on Supposedly if you put the seat back to far, the cable under the seat disengages and it's a common problem. I have not fixed it, but the blinking light is annoying. If only I had read the manual from start to finish when I bought the car - I could of returned it.

    I have been told that my air bags won't work if that light is on. Just bought this used and loved it, had to clean extensively and moved the drivers seat all the way back, now I see that might be a problem we took it for a ride and the airbag light started sending a code message, Will need to take it to our mechanic but not sure if he works on this or not.

    We knew it had some problems when we bought it, wheel bearing rear drivers side replaced. We did not do our homework, we are in an economic downturn in our houshold right now! The air bag light came on and never goes out. I was told the seatbelt sensor was defective and they replaced it under warranty. The light is still on and after many times back to dealership i was told that the air bag sensor in the bumper was bad but not covered under warranty since it was at 52, miles at this time of discovery.

    I called Ford and they did nothing. Even though the airbag light was annoying to look at while I was looking at the instrument panel, it was a very easy fix.

    ford explorer airbag light codes

    A couple of other complaints on here suggest paying for the fix at the dealership. This is not necessary. Under each seat there are different colored connectors. The white one is the airbag sensor connector.

    Under each seat, disconnect the connector you will have to pull it off of the bracket that it sits oncut each wire from the connector.

    There are 2 wires on each end of the connector. Don't mix them up!

    ford explorer airbag light codes

    Once the wires are disconnected, strip the ends off of each connector and slice each pair together. Basically you're just bypassing the connector. I recommend soldering and shrink wrap, but a couple of wire nuts will work.

    Ford Explorer: Airbag Light Stays On Diagnosis

    By passing the connector, this allows free movement of the wire as the seat moves. The tension that is created by moving the seat, pulls the wires that are in the connector, since they are not long enough, and creates an open circuit that causes the light to come on.

    Once you look under the front driver and passenger seats, you'll see how easy this is. It took about a total of 10 minutes to complete. If you want, you can email me for more information. I was surprised this was not a recall since the airbag will not deploy if the light is on. I've being having my Air Bag light on sinceon and off, finally I took my car for inspection with the light on and it didn't pass inspection because is a safety issue. I call the Ford Company to check if they are going to fix the problem since is a safety issue and no wear and tear.

    They say "No", there is no a recall and my car is more than 50, miles it wouldn't be covered by warranty anyways.Every time you start your Ford Explorer, the computer system runs a self diagnostic check on all major systems. If any of these checks fail, you will see a diagnostic warning light on the dash for the corresponding system. Depending on the model year and what country you happen to be in, you may get something along the lines of SRS, a picture of a person with the airbag deployed, or the word airbag.

    All of these should be treated as the airbag light. If it comes on for a few seconds as the vehicle starts, that is completely normal and part of the diagnostic cycle. It works in tandem with the system to protect you in the event of an accident. If all parts of this system are not working properly, it can cause the airbag light to come on.

    Ford airbag light flashing code.

    It will not work until repaired. Safety belts are still the most important safety feature in the event your Explorer crashes.

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    Modern vehicles have sensors running to them to let the computer system know if they are buckled, and if they are locked up. If you have a seat belt that is stuck in the lock position, it might be the reason why your airbag light is on.

    See if you can tug at it and get it moving again. The seat sensors tell the airbag system that the seat is occupied. Some older model vehicles have a manual button to turn the passenger airbag on or off. Look under the seats to see if you can find any part of the wiring harness that has come dislodged or damaged.

    This is a very common reason why the airbag light comes on. The airbag system control unit may have gone bad. If this is the case, you can have it replaced or send for a new one. One or more of the crash sensors may have been triggered, but not enough to deploy the airbag.

    The airbag sensors can also fail and throw the airbag light on if there is water damage. This is one of the reasons why it is not wise to buy a car with flood damage, even if it looks like it is otherwise fine. If your vehicles airbag has gone off and been replaced, the airbag system needs reset. It is not as safe to drive with the airbag light on. The airbag system has saved countless lives since its invention.When working on the electrical components in your dash, you may find you will also need to reset the airbag light once it is all put back together.

    Many people who try to do their own work, like putting in a car radio, will sometimes neglect to plug in all of the airbag components. This will cause the airbag light to blink. Resetting the light is an easy car repair you can DIY. Here are some easy steps to reset the airbag light.

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    These are generic instructions and may not apply to your particular vehicle. Consult owner's manual for instructions if provided, otherwise it will be a job for a specialist. If there are any unplugged components within the dash you will need to plug them in before attempting to reset the airbag light. Once the airbag light comes on it will stay on for a total of seven seconds. Once it turns off, you will have a second to turn the ignition back to "Off. Repeat the first few steps two more times and you will see that you have reset the airbag light on the dash.

    You will know that it is reset once the light comes on and turns off. It will not flash. We welcome your comments and suggestions. All information is provided "AS IS. All rights reserved. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use.

    View our Privacy Policy here.

    ford explorer airbag light codes

    Toggle navigation Login Register How-Tos. How to Reset an Airbag Light. Written by Tim Bossie. Reviewed by H. Step 1 - Plug in Components If there are any unplugged components within the dash you will need to plug them in before attempting to reset the airbag light.

    Step 2 - Turn Ignition to "On" To start the process get your watch ready and turn the ignition switch from "Off" to "On. And that's how you reset an airbag light. If only all your DIY projects could be this easy. Step-by-step Vehicle Repairs.

    Popular Articles. How to Test an Airbag Cover. How to Reset an Airbag Module. By Sage C. How to Test an Airbag Sensor. How to Reset an Airbag Sensor. Tips for Disabling an Airbag Control Mod Tips for Disabling an Airbag Control Module. By Bipasha Bhatia.Ford Explorer owners have reported problems related to air bag light on under the air bag category. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Explorer based on all problems reported for the Explorer.

    How to Get and Erase Airbag Trouble Codes! - 2CarPros

    During my travel into work today the airbag light illuminated. After doing some online research this appears to be a continual problem with this model year.

    Ford has even released a technical bulletin on this issue. This fault shuts down the airbag system and could result in loss of life. Ford has recognized this as recall. See all problems of the Ford Explorer. Airbag light comes on and stays on for weeks at a time and then comes off.

    This tends to happen when it rains. Air bag light keeps coming on. Right now it is at the dealership, hopefully to be fixed. Airbag light staying on. Ford issued TSB due to it being a common problem. Due to the high cost of repair some customers do not have the repair completed resulting in an unsafe situation. Since this involves an important safety issue a mandatory recall should be required so the manufacturing defect can be resolved.

    Airbag indicator light stays on. Checked with obd, no codes. Took to dealer and they stated that they would need to remove all the seats and rewire. Read more Airbag light came on around 50, was told harness needed to be replaced under driver's seat due to wires fraying from seat movement. Work was done under warranty. I was told Ford is aware of the problem but no recall as of yet has been initiated. After looking online, seems this is a pretty common problem!.

    Check airbag light is constantly on my Ford Explorer. Took it in to get checked and the problem is faulty wiring to the middle row seat belt airbags. Nothing related to the airbags should ever fail and if it does, should be covered regardless of warranty. There may not be a concern with having my rear seatbelt airbags not working, but because the light is always on, I have no way of knowing if there is a fault with my front airbags.

    ford explorer airbag light codes

    When I asked the dealership if this impacted the front airbags, they couldn't confirm nor deny, they said they didn't know. Ford has known about this issues since when they first issued their technical service bulletin, TSB which was then superseded by TSB in I called Ford corporate customer service line and they refused to recognize this is a safety item that should be covered.

    Dtc bb, air bag light intermittingly comes on. This issue was reported 2x while under warranty but by the time I would drop at dealer for repairs the light would reset so they couldn't see issue. After warranty expired the light came on more often, and today they were able to see indicator and get dtc. I questioned why it cant be fixed because it was reported 2x while under warranty.

    It is almost like they didnt try to find problem until after warranty expired. Now I don't have working airbags on an expensive Ford Explorer sport.


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